Team Deathmatch in Valorant: Let’s Spice Things Up!

Team Deathmatch in Valorant: Let's Spice Things Up!

Exciting Facts About Valorant’s Team Deathmatch Mode

Hey, Valorant fans! Big news for all players around the world: Team Deathmatch mode is about to hit the game, and this time, it’s not limited to specific regions—it’s going global! After some planning time, this new feature is now a reality.

This fresh mode brings a new flavor to the game, especially for those who love to party up with friends. Sure, you can play the game in the regular deathmatch mode, but why not team up with your pals for some extra fun?

That’s why Riot Games decided to roll out this new mode, adding more excitement to playing Valorant with your buddies.

Just like other modes, this one has some rules you should know (if you don’t already). So, what are the rules for playing this mode? Let’s dive in.

The Lowdown on these Mode Valorant Rules

Just like a team game mode, you’ll be playing Team Deathmatch Valorant in a 5v5 setup, facing off against the opposing team.

As mentioned, TDM is different from the regular deathmatch. In Valorant’s TDM mode, there are several phases or stages that determine the klik88slot game’s progress.

  • Phase 1: Classic, Spectre, Mania
  • Phase 2: Ares, Stinger, Sheriff
  • Phase 3: Ares, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom
  • Phase 4: Phantom, Vandal

Remember that in TDM mode, you can also find orbs and use utilities from the Agents you’re using.

In 10 minutes, both teams must eliminate as many enemies as possible to score 100 points. Each player has a respawn time of 1.5 seconds, and you’ll earn a total of 1000 EXP points at the end of the game.

So, are you ready for this new paradigm? Come on, practice your teamwork before diving into the competitive world of Team Deathmatch Valorant.

Team Deathmatch Valorant Release Schedule

Curious about Team Deathmatch Valorant? Check out the details below.

Starting early in 2023, Riot Games plans to introduce this new mode. It’s a version of the deathmatch mode, but played with teams, and of course, you can play with your buddies.

Riot Games Executive Producer Anna Donlon has confirmed that TDM in Valorant will be available in 2023.

Now, entering June 2023, clarity is emerging regarding the release of this new mode.

So, what does this new mode look like? And when will it be released globally?

Riot Games Game Director Andy Ho explained in a “Development Diary” video that players worldwide will be able to play Team Deathmatch Valorant in Episode 7.

“Since Anna announced that we’re working on team deathmatch mode, we announced that you’d be able to play it in the early days of Episode 7 coming,” said Andy.

Andy added that TDM still involves weapons and agents, powered by a specially designed new map.

“Going into Quick Mode, there are various weapons, agents, and their abilities, and a new map designed specifically for that mode,” he added.

So, when’s the global release date? According to The Loadout, Episode 7 is set to be released on June 27, 2023. With the current battle pass ending on June 26, there’s a lot to look forward to, including the TDM mode. Are you ready to team up and train in this mode?