Threads Introduces Free Editing Feature for All Users

threads apps update

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced two new features for Threads – a free edit button and ‘Voice Threads’. This update aims to keep Threads competitive with Twitter/X.

Edit Feature for Threads

Threads, the messaging app by Meta, has rolled out a new feature that allows users to edit their posts. Unlike X, which offers editing capabilities exclusively to X Premium subscribers, Threads allows all users to edit their posts for free. 

This feature permits users to make unlimited edits within five minutes of posting, enhancing the flexibility of the platform. This feature is available on Threads for Android, iOS, and web users, and it’s been introduced just three months after the platform’s initial launch.

Comparison with X’s Edit Feature

While the edit feature on Threads offers enhanced flexibility to all users, it differs from X in a few significant ways. Notably, X restricts its editing feature to X Premium customers, making it inaccessible to all users. Moreover, X took 16 years to introduce the edit feature to its platform. In contrast, Threads enables quick and free editing for all users within the first five minutes of posting.

Additionally, Threads doesn’t display an edit history for posts, a feature found in X. X includes an edit history to ensure transparency and prevent misinformation. On the other hand, Threads doesn’t provide this feature. However, to indicate that a post has been edited, Threads adds a special icon to the right of the post.

Unlike X, Threads currently has no plans to introduce an edit history feature.

Introducing ‘Voice Threads’

Alongside the free editing feature, Mark Zuckerberg also announced the introduction of ‘Voice Threads’ to Threads. This new feature allows users to upload audio posts, enhancing the variety of content available on the platform.

Creating Voice Threads is straightforward. Users can start a new thread or reply to an existing one. They can then tap the microphone icon to record an audio post. Once the recording is complete, Threads automatically generates a caption for the audio post.

Threads’ Ongoing Improvements

Since its launch in July, Threads has been steadily adding new features to its app. Major updates include a Following feed organized chronologically, a web application, and improved search functionality.

Threads is also preparing to roll out a ‘Trends’ feature, similar to X’s trending topics. This feature will showcase topics that are currently popular among users, complete with the number of threads discussing each topic.

These updates reflect Threads’ commitment to providing users with a dynamic and engaging experience on the platform. With the introduction of free editing and ‘Voice Threads,’ Threads continues to evolve and adapt to meet user demands and preferences.